Programs: Middle School Walk/Run Program

Launched for the2005-2006 school year, the Health In Progress (HIP) program was a 30-week exercise initiative piloted in five Nashville public Middle schools.  The goal of this program was to improve the long-term health of children by promoting walking and running as lifelong exercise. Limited to 250 students, the program provided an opportunity for students to participate in an exercise program before or after school with weekly lessons on nutrition and fitness.  What is Hip? (pdf)

As part of the program, students walked or ran for 20-30 minutes on a measured course and kept track of the number of laps they completed on the course. The students received certificates for every 10 miles they logged. Parents were urged to participate in the program by walking and running with their children at home. Miles logged by students with their parents were added to those logged by the student during HIP sessions.  Parents/guardians were also welcomed to participate as volunteers.  

Before beginning the program, each HIP participant took a Pre-Test consisting of 30 questions dealing with issues of nutrition, exercise, and personal responsibility for health. Each child's height, weight, and BMI was recorded. At the end of the program students took a Post-Test which measured what the students learned over the course of the program. Each child’s height, weight, and BMI were compared with the earlier measurements. 

This program was developed by Memphis pediatrician Dr. Beth Andrew and the Tennessee Pediatric Society Foundation, with funding provided by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Community Trust. We have made the weekly lesson plans available to the public free of charge at