Current Programs: "Access Denied"
(An effort to prevent children’s access to tobacco products in the home) 

  • Pediatric Champion:  Joseph Weinberg, M.D., Memphis
  • Research Lead: Leslie Robinson, PhD (Memphis)
  • Participating Pediatricians:  Susan Hillebert, M.D. (Memphis) and Jill W. Wireman, M.D., Johnson City

The Foundation is currently working with Dr. Leslie Robinson in Memphis to pilot a tobacco prevention program. The timing is important because the state of Tennessee, along with most others in the nation, has drastically cut funding for tobacco prevention and cessation. Dr. Robinson's project is focused on the effects of counseling parents to secure tobacco just as they would alcohol because her research in the psychology of teen and adolescent smoking has proven that a majority of children access their first tobacco product through their parents or at-home caregivers. As a result, Dr. Robinson and her team at the University of Memphis have been working to identify best practice motivational interviewing techniques on the subject and to identify the best approach in gaining the confidence of the pediatricians in the potential of the counseling impact.  The project closes in July 2011.

Program funded by: AAP Friend of Children Fund