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Tennessee's children face many health issues. The Tennessee Pediatric Society Foundation has established three primary pediatric issues of focus for the next few years: Childhood Obesity, Tobacco, and Immunizations. Projects related to these three issues will receive priority in the search for funding; however, all projects related to children's health will be considered.

Support for Member Pediatricians Projects
The Foundation provides a way for pediatricians to put their ideas to work.  Pediatricians submit ideas for research studies, public relations or other outreach programs for improving children’s health and safety.  If funding is acquired for the project, then the Foundation staff, in conjunction with the pediatrician, develops a budget, while pediatricians administer and oversee the projects.

Projects Funded by Pediatricians
The Foundation may offer assistance to those member pediatricians who wish to fund a project and wish to use the Foundation as a fiscal agent, such as CATCH grants or personally funded projects.

In order for the Foundation to consider a project, a pediatrician member of TNAAP must be identified as the champion and administrator of the project and must complete a formal application for consideration.

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